NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT: Food packaging ideas number 3 – Susceptor

Susceptor for crisping food in a microwave

SUSCEPTOR is used to crisp food in the microwave…. whether you’re selling hot food behind a counter or want your customers to have a better experience heating your product at home, microwave susceptor could be the answer.

Susceptor can be supplied as film or board, and is often used for pasties, sausage rolls, paninis, burritos – anything where you want a slightly crispier finish.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Susceptor, sold as part of our Crisp-It range, can make the difference between a good product and an excellent product. Some foods can go soggy in the microwave, and susceptor helps create a better texture.

“We can incorporate microwave susceptor into many formats, including sleeves, boards, U-cards – we even have a version which wraps around jacket potatoes.

“Some of our susceptor customers are working in cafés, coffee shops etc, where they are heating a product in store, others are selling products for the consumer to take home, but either way, susceptor packaging can improve the product.”

Sirane is an innovative food packaging development-to-manufacture company, with expertise in absorbency and material science. Specialisms include bags and pouches, absorbent products, shelf-life extension and dual-ovenable products.
We also recently acquired a UK-based board manufacturer and converter.

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