NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT: Food packaging ideas number 7 – compostable cling-film

Compostable cling film / plastic wrap

EARTHCLING Resolve is a compostable cling-film made from a bio-polymer – a great eco-friendly solution for restaurants & takeaways, food service & caterers, and even home use.

Traditionally cling-film – known in some parts of the world as plastic wrap – is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or sometimes LDPE, and cannot generally be recycled.

UK households use an astonishing 1.2 billion metres a year – while in the US alone, 80 million Americans used at least one roll a year and 5.3 million Americans used at least 10 rolls a year – incredible stats for a product that was invented by accident in a laboratory in the 1930s and was initially used by the military to line boots and planes.

When cling-film is recycled, it is often more expensive than using virgin materials, and clogs up the machines, while in landfill or incineration the WHO claims it releases toxic chemicals.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Households and industry uses millions of rolls of cling-film a year, and compostable cling-film is an opportunity to at least make sure that is not just land-fill that takes years to disappear. For anyone looking for ways to make their operation more environmentally friendly, then compostable cling-film is certainly something to consider…”

COMMERCIAL SIZES AVAILABLE: 290mm x 250m (10 micron); 440mm x 250m (10 micron); 380mm x 250m (10 micron); 290mm x 250m (16 micron); 290mm x 250m (20 micron); 450mm x 800m (16 micron); 450mm x 1300m (16 micron); 350mm x 1300m (16 micron); 380mm x 1400m (10 micron); 380mm x 1400m (16 micron); 400mm x 1500m (10 micron); 500mm x 1500m (10 micron); 400mm x 1500m (16 micron); 500mm x 1500m (16 micron) and 500mm x 1500m (20 micron)

DOMESTIC SIZES AVAILABLE (FOR HOME USE): 290mm x 20m (10 micron); 290mm x 20m (16 micron) and 440mm x 20m (16 micron)

Compostable cling-film is just one of the compostable packaging solutions we offer – Sirane can also supply compostable shrink film – perfect for cucumbers, broccoli etc – and compostable self-serve counter bags, as well as compostable absorbent pads.

Sirane is an innovative food packaging development-to-manufacture company, with expertise in absorbency and material science. Specialisms include bags and pouches, absorbent products, shelf-life extension and dual-ovenable products.
We also recently acquired a UK-based board manufacturer and converter.

For more information, contact Jeremy Haydn-Davies, on 01952 230055, email


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