One out of two’s not bad…. (is that a Meatloaf song?)

SO, what’s that saying, ‘ a week’s a long time in politics’. If a week’s a long time in politics normally, the last month must have been a lifetime. To say a lot’s happened would be the understatement of the century…

Brexit was followed swiftly by Camerexit which was rapidly followed by Boxit. For a while it looked like a game of last man (or woman) standing…. perhaps the major surprise in it all was the fact that it wasn’t the rest of the Conservative party which delivered the crushing blow to Boris, but Michael ‘beloved by teachers across the UK said without a hint of sarcasm’ Gove.

The way the Brexit camp flapped when they stunned the world by winning was laughable – after all, where I come from in Yorkshire there’s a saying ‘ if ye Brexit, ye fix it’. I say stunned the world, some predicted it… *insert the words I told you so here if you wish… and I was one of them. You could just sense the way it was going, despite what the pollsters said. And regular readers will recall it was part of a double prediction… I also boldly stated Belgium would win the Euros. Oh well, as Meatloaf nearly sang, 1/2 is not bad. And to be fair, Belgium should have won the Euros, they just blew it against the Welsh.

Anyway, here we are today, with Boris back…. and now he’s foreign secretary. Interesting move. It’s not like he’s offended most of the world at some point. Prince Philip would have been a safer bet, even Donald Trump’s got a better track record in foreign relations… no actually hang on yes, you’re right, it could actually have been worse…

So what else has been going on…. Andy Murray won Wimbledon again. At a canter…. sales of strawberries no-doubt went through the roof. There’s a rumour he even cracked a smile.

And here at Sirane we finally took posession of our new premises in Mexico. Guadalajara to be precise… which has got people very excited (and busy in some cases) as we look to begin manufacturing there in September. The Sirane Central America team have already got their first trade show pencilled in – Aneberries in Guadalajara – and they have big plans for the region.

The plan is to start making absorbent fruit pads to serve the local market, and build from there, and with Guadalajara positioned on the Pan-American Highway, connecting it with North and South America by road, as well as having a major international airport, there’s plenty of potential to build a great business, not just with fruit but across the whole food packaging spectrum.

But anyway, exciting times…. both politically and here at Sirane. Be interesting to see how all these things pan out…


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