Oven-ready packaging – the need for approved ovenable inks

It has recently been reported that some companies are making and selling ‘ovenable’ packaging without using the correct ovenable inks.

Such packaging is potentially hazardous, the combustion products from conventional inks can be poisonous and can contaminate the oven and the food.

Sirane pioneered the use of approved ovenable inks for ovenable packaging and use these inks in all relevant applications. They have been approved and tested by the leading food contact laboratories and are fully approved.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Sirane always uses ovenable inks that have been fully tested and deemed 100% safe. We support any attempt to bring to attention any packaging using inks that are not fully ovenable – as this could be potentially dangerous.

“Retailers and customers must have 100% confidence that something they are putting in the oven is 100% safe to do so, and if it is supplied by Sirane we can guarantee this.”

For more information on ovenable inks, contact Jeremy Haydn-Davies at jeremy@sirane.com or call +44 1952 230055. Alternatively visit www.sirane.com

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