PACKAGING INNOVATIONS: Absorbent products on show at the NEC

Absorbency and absorbent products - Packaging Innovations

ABSORBENCY is a key packaging component with many foods and Sirane’s varied range of absorbent products will be on show at Packaging Innovations at the NEC.

Whether it is absorbent pads for meat, poultry, fruit, cheese or fish, ovenable pads, fish crate liners or absorbent tray dividers, absorbency forms a large part of our food packaging range.

Pads available include anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, compostable and ovenable.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Absorbency is, and always will be, a core part of our business and our expertise – and we’ll be giving it some of our focus at the NEC. We have a wide range of absorbent products available, and the flexibility to make the product with the absorbency you actually need in the size that you actually need it.

“Sirane are the experts, and so we’ve produced a ‘Guide to Absorbency and Absorbent Products’. You could read this online by following the links on our website – but if you want to talk to us, we would love to welcome you to our stand in Birmingham.”

Sirane will also be cooking up a storm at the NEC as we present our popular oven and microwave-ready food packaging solutions at this year’s Packaging Innovations show.

From steam-cooking bags for the oven or microwave or BBQ bags to nylon roasting bags, multi-compartment bags to stand-up bags, Sirane has a varied range of options.

Jeremy added, said: “Cook-in packaging is popular with both the retailers and the consumers, and Sirane has flexible solutions which will allow you to make use of the technology on offer and make it fit without your own supply chain.

“Whether you’re looking for processors to pack or pack in store, over the counter bags or even bags individually-wrapped for use in meal kits, we have numerous options. Recent additions include steam-cooking bags in a stand-up format, ideal for retail presentation, and steam-cooking bags with multiple compartments, allowing food to be kept separate.

“We’ve also got our flavoured cooking bags – oven/BBQ bags where flavoured wood chip sachets allow the food to be gently smoked and flavoured during the cooking process.” 

Innovation and product development will also form part of our highlighted services.

“Don’t forget, Sirane is a packaging development company,” said Jeremy, ”so if you’re interested in finding a solution to a particular problem in your supply chain, and you think we might be able to help, this could be a good opportunity to find out more.

“At Sirane we thrive on a challenge, and we’re always looking for problems to solve. We’ve brought a number of products to market over the last few years that began in this way, including our odour-absorbent pads for vac-packed meat and cushioned fruit pads.”

Packaging Innovations takes place at the NEC, Birmingham, from February 28-March 1, 2018. Sirane’s stand can be found at E11 – right next to the Eco-Pack Theatre.

For more information on any Sirane food packaging solution, or to make an appointment to meet in Birmingham, email or call 01952 230055.

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