PLASTIC-FREE WORLD: Sirane exhibiting sustainable packaging at conference & expo in Cologne

Plastic-Free World Conference & Expo

SIRANE will be exhibiting at Plastic-Free World Conference & Expo in Cologne next week – and will have a range of sustainable packaging solutions to share.

Sirane’s range of plastic-free packaging solutions includes our paper-based stand-up pouches, Earthpouch, and paper-based flow-wrap film Earthfilm. We also offer both compostable and paper-based absorbent pads, and products such as compostable cling-film compostable shrink-film for fresh produce and bio-films.

In addition, Sirane offers a range of board-based products, including our award-winning recyclable sandwich skillet, Earthwedge. The Earthwedge has won both a Sammies Award and a Sustainable Food Award in the last 12 months – both awards were for it environmental credentials.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “The Earthwedge is a great packaging solution for anyone looking to remove plastics – it’s a plastic-free sandwich skillet, which can be recycled in the paper recycling stream. The packs offer the required shelf-life, so there’s no compromise needed.

“Most of the packs currently used in this sector either cannot be recycled or are very difficult to recycle, so generally aren’t, whereas ours are easily recycled.”

Many of our other board products, including cake boards, patisserie boards, pizza boards, etc, can be offered using eco-friendly coating which mean the products can be recycled or composted after use. Last year we also introduced our plastic-free recyclable salmon boards to the market – which are proving very popular.

Simon Balderson added: “We also added the Earthpad to our range, which is a paper-based absorbent pad which can be recycled in the paper recycling stream.”

We also have solutions for the horticultural market – such as our plastic-free Earthboard Tree-Guards, which can be used to protect saplings. These tree-guards – also known as tree-shelters – will survive out in the wild for many years, before eventually disintegrating – an additional advantage, besides the sustainability, is that there is no need for the laborious manual task of collecting them in.

Plastic-Free World Conference & Expo runs from November 10-11. Sirane will be represented by Peter Ralten & Rachel McKenna, on Stand 410. For more information on the Plastic-Free Conference & Expo, visit

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