Absorbent pads for crabs – Dri-Fresh Crab-Guard

Dri-Fresh Crab-Guard pads are absorbent pads designed for use within vacuum-packed crabs. The pads protect the crabs, and also prevent claws from piercing the packaging.

Dri-Fresh Crab-Guard pads can be supplied in any size as required, with custom shapes possible (included oval as pictured). Pads are white as standard, but other colours are available.

Pads can also be used to sit under crabs in trays, absorbing any excess water.

Anti-bacterial properties can be incorporated, offering an extra layer of protection. We can also supply recyclable (paper-based) and compostable versions of this product.

  • Cushioned protection for crabs when vacuum packed
  • Prevents crabs claws from piercing the packaging
  • Also used in trays, to sit under the crab, keeping packs dry
  • Can be supplied square/rectangular or as custom shapes
  • Can be supplied in a range of colours including white or custom colours to match packaging

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