Compostable plant pots

Earthpots Resolve is a unique material designed for use as a growing medium with cress, mustard, herbs and others, including those often sold as live plants.

Earthpots Resolve water retaining compostable plant pots and aid to nurture plant growth, reducing water loss and allowing plants to be placed in the ground without root disturbance.

Easy and simple to use… 1. Fill pot with compost 2. Insert plant or plug into pot 3. Soak or immerse the pot in water, allowing the pot to soak up the water then slowly releasing into the growing medium 4. Plant pot into ground, it will bio-degrade in weeks.

Earthpots Resolve plant pots are made from natural, plant-based, compostable material.

Earthpots Resolve plant pots are available as individual containers to accommodate plugs and seedlings. The pots are available in different sizes according to application.

Key Features

  • Fully compostable plant pot
  • Stoes water in the walls of the pot, reducing the needs to water and preventing the plant/seedlings from drying out
  • Easy to use, prevents mess and spillage
  • Maintains a controlled water content
  • Plants can be planted out without damage to the root
  • Range of different sizes available

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