Absorbent pouches/pads for asparagus – Dri-Fresh Asparagus Pads/Pouches

Dri-Fresh® asparagus pouches help keep fresh asparagus fresher for longer. Just add the desired amount of water to the Dri-Fresh® asparagus pouch and insert the stems. Tie the pouch securely, this holds the stems together and allows for a constant reservoir of water and moisture to be released. Water in contact with the butt of the asparagus will maintain turgidity and promote spear-growth and elongation during transportation. However, excess water will increase decay – and the pouch will maintain the optimum amount of water/moisture.

Dri-Fresh® pouches are manufactured using pure cellulose and a leak-proof outer layer. These materials maintain and hold the required water within the pack. The outer surface of the pouch prevents any leakage.

Dri-Fresh® pads can be moistened and used in packs of asparagus to provide a steady supply of moisture.

  • Asparagus pads & pouches
  • Pouches absorb water, maintaining a steady but controlled moisture within pack
  • Pouches have water-proof outer layer
  • Different absorbencies and sizes available
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Compostable versions also available
  • Pad can be moistened before use

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