Absorbent pads for wet cheeses – Dri-Fresh Fresh-Hold

Sirane’s range of Dri-Fresh® Fresh-Hold™ absorbent cheese pads offer cost effective packaging due to lighter weight materials and no adhesives. The pads absorb excess moisture and whey within the pack perfectly and so preserve the quality & freshness of packaged cheese.

Dri-Fresh® Fresh-Hold™absorbent cheese pads can be treated with separate processes to:

  1. Inhibit mould growth or
  2. Ensure a high level of sterility

This extends the shelf life of the packaged cheese.

  • Dri-Fresh® Fresh-HoldTM absorbent “cheese saver” pads are a cost effective option to extend shelf life
  • Any size, shape or colour to suit all applications
  • Absorbencies 800cc/M2 up to 5000cc/M2
  • Fully approved for direct food contact 2002/72/EC

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