Odour-absorbent labels – Dri-Fresh OA

Confinement odour can be a major issue with packaged meats, packaged seafood and packaged poultry – and some vegetables – and can regularly cause perfectly good food to be rejected.

Dri-Fresh® Fresh-Hold™ OA labels offer odour absorbency for use when confinement odour is a major problem to a product’s acceptance in the market. This unique product traps all odours from within the pack – meaning that when the customer opens it they don’t incorrectly think it is off, as the product smells as fresh as the moment it was packed.

Dri-Fresh® Fresh-Hold™ OA labels are a simple – and cost-effective – solution to the problem.

  • Attracts and absorbs organic vapours which produce unpleasant odour
  • Reduces wastage and returns
  • Available in a reel format for easy application
  • Can be integrated with pads, bags, films, cartons etc
  • Can be customised to customer requirements
  • Manufactured under BRC and ISO9001 conditions
  • A highly effective yet very simple solution

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