Absorbent fruit pads (compostable) – Dri-Fresh Resolve

Dri-Fresh® Resolve® provides an exceptional absorbent presentation surface for fruit whilst ensuring the fruit is allowed to breathe. This is achieved through its specially developed microporous surface allowing air to circulate whilst absorbing excess juices into its cellulosic absorbent membrane. This layer also provides cushioning which reduces sweating and bruising, providing the ultimate absorbent pad for fruit.

  • Soft and spongy protection reducing sweating and bruising to the fruit whilst maintaining great product presentation
  • Fully compostable films on cellulosic pads
  • Cellulosic materials derived from FSC® sources complete with non-GM bio-polymeric layer and constructed using proprietary equipment without the need for glues
  • Available in red, black and white
  • Any size, shape or configuration including slit rolls

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