Absorbent mats/liners for fish crates – Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh SP

Dri-Fresh® Sea-FreshTM SP absorbent liners are designed to quickly and effectively absorb the melting ice and juices released during fish transportation. The liquid is absorbed quickly and trapped inside the liner to prevent spillage and reduce odour. The transport crate remains cold, clean and dry to optimise the condition and appearance of the fish.

Dri-Fresh® Sea-FreshTM SP is a strong, durable construction that won’t tear or damage, and won’t burst when saturated.

Dri-Fresh® Sea-FreshTM SP absorbent liners can be custom designed to your application, and can be made large enough – at 680mm x 360mm – to fit in the standard 25 kilo trays used for fish such as salmon, as well as many other sizes.

Dri-Fresh® Sea-FreshTM SP is easy to store, pleasant to handle and easy to use – a quality seafood packaging solution.

  • Strong, tear-resistant material
  • Effective & fast absorbency
  • Enhances appearance
  • Optimises the sale price of live seafood
  • Reduces odour & locks in moisture
  • Custom sizes available
  • Range of absorbencies offered
  • Easy to store and handle

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