Compostable/recyclable printed takeaway lids – Earthboard

Our Eco-friendly Printed Lids are an alternative to PE-coated lids which are supplied into takeaways and fast food environments, where they are used with foil containers and other containers to keep the food secure and warm. Eco-friendly Printed Lids use barrier coatings – and are recyclable and compostable.

Custom printed with your own branding, they can also be used to sell advertising space.

Made from ovenable/heat-resistant board.

Standard Printed Lids are also available.

  • Printed takeaway carton lids
  • Also used for ready meals
  • Any size, colour or design configuration
  • Custom printed with your design
  • Made from ovenable / heat-resistant board
  • Options include rounded corners
  • Recyclable and compostable

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