Quad-seal pouches

Quad Seal Pouches are free-standing bags that lend themselves to numerous applications including; sweets, coffee, biscuits, nuts, pulses, pet food and much more.

Their design – with seals in all four corners – creates 4 distinct sides, all of which can be printed on. They are good for products where there is extra weight, and Quad Seal Pouches can come with carry handles for heavier products.

The reinforced structure of the pouch means that the filled bag keeps its shape better on the shelf.

Pouches can be supplied with barrier film, and be made suitable for hot-fill applications where required.

Can be supplied with easy-open tear notches.

Key Features

  • Pouch becomes free-standing
  • Carry-handle option for heavier products
  • Ideal for stacking
  • Offers excellent on-shelf presentation
  • Can be supplied with tear notches
  • Four sides – so great for branding

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