Recyclable paper-based cushioned absorbent pads for soft fruits – Earthpad Soft-Hold

Earthpad Soft-Hold is a paper-recyclable cushioned absorbent pad which can be used in punnets of soft and delicate fruits.

Earthpad Soft-Hold optimises shelf-life, reduces damage in transit, adds value and offers better product presentation. The design combines the cushioning and protective properties of bubble films with effective absorbency, high permeability and excellent product presentation.

The embossed pattern raises the fruit from the surface to encourage air-flow, inhibits sweating, damage and corresponding fungal growth, minimise scontact between berries and surface and prevents the berries from moving around the pack.

Earthpad Soft-Hold is made from a barrier-coated paper. The natural coating means it is recyclable within the paper stream.

Available in black, red, white and brown Kraft.

  • Paper-based cushioned absorbent pad
  • Can be recycled through the paper stream
  • Available in any size, shape or configuration
  • Available in red, black, white and brown Kraft

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