Recyclable PE vacuum pouches – RePEat

RePEat vacuum pouches can be used for vacuum packing – and offer a higher barrier than many vacuum packs (OPA and PE materials) on the market – and are also suitable for gas-flush packaging operations.

They are made from pure PE (polyethylene) and so can be recycled anywhere with an LDPE recycling stream.

This is a 2-layer laminate structure offering an excellent barrier, whilst still being recyclable.

RePEat vacuum pouches are suitable for range of products including soft meats and cheese, and ‘bone-in’ products such as lamb/pork chops, strip loins, T-bones and shell-fish.

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Key Features

  • Recyclable PE pouches & films
  • Lightweight, attractive format
  • 2-layer structure offers excellent barrier
  • Large surface area allows high impact graphics which stand out on the shelf
  • Suitable for a range of products including soft meats and cheese, and ‘bone-in products’
  • Suitable for vacuum packing & gas-flushing

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