Sira-Cook Cook-In/Hot-Hold Film

Sira-Cook™ Cook-In/Hot-Hold Film is a flow-wrap film in which food can be cooked at up to 220ºC in an oven (including Merrychef ovens) or cooked in a microwave. The product can be then kept warm in a hot-food display counter, ready for sale.

We can supply the material in white, brown, or black, and it can be supplied custom printed.

Sira-Cook™ Cook-In/Hot-Hold Film is often used for products such as paninis, burritos, sausage rolls, pasties and other food-to-go products sold in hot-food counters.

We can also supply the film perforated, and as pre-formed bags/pouches.

  • Made from glassine/PET
  • Suitable for oven use (including Merrychef) at up to 200ºC
  • Suitable for microwave use
  • Can be supplied custom printed
  • Can be supplied perforated
  • Can be supplied as pre-formed bags/pouches
  • Suitable for freezing

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