Embossed Foil Sheets – Sira-Cook

Sira-Cook Embossed Foil Sheets are embossed to help with insulation and keep food warm for longer. They come in an easy-to-use dispenser box and are interleaved so that the next sheet is presented ready for use, making them ideal for catering, takeaway use etc.

Uses include preparing, cooking and wrapping all types of food, this product is also be used in hairdressing for highlighting with foil and any other industry where a foil sheet is required.

Sheet size 23cm x 27cm. Size is perfect for wrapping burritos, subs, sandwiches etc. Also ideal for hot-dogs, burgers and more. The embossed design enables the foil sheet to retain heat longer while being cooler to the touch. 500 sheets per dispenser box. 6 boxes per case.

Sira-Cook Embossed Foil Sheets are fully recyclable.

  • Embossed foil sheets
  • Used as insulation to keep food warm
  • Used in food preparation and cooking
  • 23cm x 27cm
  • Sold in easy-to-use dispenser box with sheets interleaved
  • Suitable for use in an oven, grill or even on a BBQ

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