Oven/BBQ cooking bag – Sira-Cook Supreme

The Sira-Cook™ Supreme™ bag can be used in a conventional oven or on a griddle, hot-plate or barbecue/BBQ. Sauces and glazes can be added either by the retailer or the user, making the Sira-Cook™ Supreme™ a perfect over-the-counter option – it can either be heat-sealed or simply folded over.

Whether it is meat, fish, poultry or vegetables – even a whole chicken/turkey – they can all be placed in a Sira-Cook™ Supreme™ bag. Stunning, succulent, healthy food – anyone can do it. No mess, no need for customers to handle the food, no odours – and the pack comes with a simple-to-open top.

The top of the Sira-Cook™ Supreme™ bag can simply be peeled off, leaving the food on the foil base. The food can then continue to cook in this way (the food can be stirred or turned if required and it can be allowed to brown) or it can be served from the foil immediately.

The bags, which come in four sizes and also a standard or non-stick option, are designed to withstand direct heat/flames on a barbecue. The clear top panel means the food is visible.

  • Four sizes: 220mm x 300mm, 220mm by 400mm, 320mm x 300mm and 320mm x 400mm
  • Can be heat sealed as a retail pack/counter bag
  • Comes with a clear top panel
  • High barrier version also available
  • Branded bags an option, please ask for details

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