Foil-edged film (Polyester) – Sira-Cook TX

Sira-Cook™ foil-edged oven-ready roasting film – the film allows you to scrunch together the edge, creating the perfect parcel for the ideal cooking environment.

Foil-edged oven-ready roasting film is used by caterers, restaurants and professional chefs, looking for simple to use yet attractive-looking ovenable film solution.

The film offers all the benefits of cooking with a polyster cooking film – the meat browns inside the bag, cooks up to 10% faster, and all the juices and flavours are retained.

There is no mess – ovens and tray stay clean.

Combinations of seasonings and spices, gravies and marinades can be added to the ‘parcel’ as cooking in this way intensifies flavours and helps create a flavoursome meal.

Both the polyester and foil are recyclable, as long as separated.

Two sizes are available: 45cm x 50m and 45cm x 100m.

  • Widely used by caterers, restaurants, professional chefs etc
  • Also used by butchers looking for an easy to use and attractive looking ovenable packaging solution
  • Meat cooks up to 10% faster
  • Keeps the meat succulent and juicy – and helps retain flavours
  • No mess – oven and trays stay clean
  • Oven & freezer
  • Can be supplied made from 30% post-consumer recycled materials (polyester element)

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