Ovenable/microwaveable films (Polyester) – Sira-Cook TX

Sira-Cook™ ovenable film is made from polyester and is widely used in commercial cooking and as an ovenable packaging solution.

The meat browns inside the film, cooks up to 10% faster, and all the juices and flavours are retained within.

Combinations of seasonings and spices, gravies and marinades can be added to the ‘parcel’ as cooking in this way intensifies flavours and helps create a flavoursome meal.

There is no mess – ovens and tray stay clean.

Polyester ovenable film is recyclable. We can also supply a version of the film which is made from 30% post-consumer recycled materials.

The standard size is 45cm x 50m.

This product can be supplied as cooking bags. Also available as a foil-edged ovenable film.

This product is also used by some caterers to line Gastronorm trays, stopping food sticking and reducing cleaning.

  • Made from polyester – 100% recyclable
  • Meat browns inside the film
  • Meat cooks up to 10% faster
  • Keeps the meat succulent & juicy
  • No mess – oven & trays stay clean
  • Suitable for commercial use & flow-wrap
  • Applications in food service and in catering
  • Oven, microwave & freezer
  • Also used to line Gastronorm trays
  • Can be supplied made from 30% post-consumer recycled materials

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