Compostable/breathable bags and films for fresh produce – Sira-Flex Resolve

Sira-Flex™ Resolve® bags and films offer significantly extended shelf life for fresh fruit and vegetables. These unique films optimise the atmospheric conditions inside the pack to prolong freshness and enhance the quality, taste and texture of the food. Significant shelf life increases are achieved with every type of fruit and vegetable including fresh salads.

  • Real shelf life extension for all fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Unique temperature-dependant permeability to optimise the package environment to enhance quality and freshness
  • Balanced moisture permeability to prevent fogging and maintain optimum succulence
  • Available in various thicknesses, printed or plain and suitable for all packaging operations including flow-wrap and vertical and horizontal FFS. Also available as bags and pouches of all sizes for retail, bulk and export packaging.
  • Fully compostable to EN13432 and OK standards

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