Shank caps – Tuff-Hold

Tuff-Hold™ Shank-Caps are designed to fit over bones, preventing potentially sharp bones from piercing the external packaging during the vacuuming process.

Sirane’s Tuff-Hold™ Shank-Caps are not rigid formed caps, instead they are made as pouches using a high micron very resilient film, which gives them a degree of flexibility.

This means they are less likely to fall off during the vacuum process or when the pack is opened.

Tuff-Hold™ Shank-Caps from Sirane are available in a range of sizes and widths to suit including lamb rack caps, extended shank caps and large gammon shank caps.

Key Features

  • Resilient film offers excellent protection and prevents bones piercing packaging
  • More likely to stay in place during vacuum process than a formed shank-cap
  • Wider pouches available for use with a rack of lamb and other larger applications
  • Very cost-effective shank-cap solution

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