Water-retaining flower-pouches

Flower-Fresh® pouches keep cut flowers fresh and attractive for longer. Just add water to the Flower-Fresh® pouch and insert the flower stems. Tie the pouch securely, this holds the stems together and allows for a constant reservoir of water and moisture to be released. This nurtures the flowers and ensures maximum shelf life.

Flower-Fresh® pouches are manufactured using pure cellulose and a leak-proof outer layer. These materials maintain and hold the water allowing for a cool reservoir around the flower stems. The outer surface of the pouch prevents any water leakage, maintaining freshness.

Flower-Fresh® pouches are available in various sizes and in individual and multi-bay pouch designs to meet all applications. Pouches can be made in any colour and branded as required.

Key Features

  • Keeps cut flowers fresh and attractive for a longer shelf life
  • Allows flowers to be transported without wilting
  • Easy to use, prevents mess and spillage
  • Different absorbency levels and sizes available

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