Protective packaging for fresh meat including sticky boneguard and new shank caps

Sticky boneguard from Sirane: protective packaging for meat

SIRANE’S newly-expanded Tuff-Hold™ boneguard range now includes a newly-improved sticky boneguard product as well as innovative protective shank-caps.

Sirane’s Tuff-Hold™ sticky boneguard materials offer a combination of strength and elasticity to assure maximum shelf-life for vacuum packaged meat and poultry, while at the same time offering a very tacky surface that clings to the product. Newly-improved production processes at Sirane mean this is a better and more cost-effective product than ever before.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Sticky boneguard is a packaging product that we are regularly asked for, and we can now offer a great product at competitive prices. Sticky boneguard clings to the meat, offering a great level of protection to the product.”

Tuff-Hold™ sticky boneguard is a wax-impregnated cloth combining excellent strength with ease of use and a range of grades to reduce the number of leaks caused by sharp bones. Tuff-Hold™ sticky boneguard is available in reels, perforated and on the reel, or in sheets.

Sirane has also recently added a new type of shank cap to its popular Tuff-Hold protective packaging range, alongside the existing range of boneguard products, which includes waxed, transparent, absorbent, and metallised options as well as the sticky version.

Tuff-Hold Shank-Caps are designed to fit over bones, preventing potentially sharp bones from piercing the external packaging during the vacuuming process.

Sirane’s Tuff-Hold Shank-Caps are not rigid formed caps, instead they are made as pouches using a high micron very resilient film with a degree of flexibility. This means they are less likely to fall off during the vacuum process or when opened.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies said: “We’re offering a new type of shank-cap – instead of a formed cap, ours is a very tough, highly resilient film which can be fit around the bone. This new type of shank-cap is very cost-effective when compared with traditional shank-caps.”

Tuff-Hold Shank-Caps from Sirane are available in a range of sizes and widths to suit including lamb rack caps, extended shank caps and large gammon shank caps.

For more information on boneguard, shank-caps or any other item in our food packaging range, contact Jeremy Haydn-Davies on +44 1952 230055 or email

Shank Caps from Sirane: protective packaging for meat

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