SEAFOOD EXPO: What packaging solutions you’ll find at the Seafood Expo North America

Sirane is exhibiting at Seafood Expo North America

PACKAGING solutions ‘from sea to plate’ will be the Sirane message in Boston later this month when we exhibit at the Seafood Expo North America trade show.

Sirane has food packaging ranges that cover the whole seafood journey, from liners and mats for crate of fresh fish, right through to microwaveable packaging.

Products new to the market include our recyclable salmon boards and crab pads.

And with our new manufacturing site in Texas now up and running, we’re in the perfect position to offer our packaging to the North American seafood industry.

Karl Heggarty, head of global sales, said: “Sirane’s expertise in absorbency, oven and microwave-ready packaging materials and shelf-life means that wherever you fit within the supply chain, we are a company that has products perfect for you.

“From sea to plate and everywhere in between… whether you are catching and processing the fish, or selling it as a retailer, Sirane’s range of packaging solutions can make a huge difference, whether to shelf-life, product presentation or profitability.

“Whether it’s absorbency for the fresh catch straight from the boat, or a steam-cooking bag for over-the-counter retail sales of fish food, Sirane has answers.”

Two products for the seafood industry which have proved popular over recent years have been Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh SP – an absorbent crate liner with excellent wet-strength – and Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh Ice-Mats, used to cover live seafood and maintain a steady release of fresh water to help optimise its condition.

Perfect for shellfish, such as lobster and crab, the ice-mats are used to protect the live seafood during transportation, and also protects against freezer burn.

Sirane’s Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh range of absorbent liners – Sea-Fresh SP being the newest addition – quickly and effectively absorbs the melting ice and juices released during transportation. The liquid is absorbed and trapped inside the Sea-Fresh liner to prevent spillage and reduce odour – increasing the saleability of the seafood.

We recently added a new absorbent pad solution to our Dri-Fresh range, which is perfect for anyone packing crabs, particularly when vacuum packing them.

Dri-Fresh Crab-Guard is an absorbent pad solution used under vacuum packed crabs – as well as offering absorbency it prevents the claws from piercing the packaging.

Pads can be supplied either square, rectangular or custom shapes (such as oval, to fit snugly with the crab within the packaging) and in a range of colours.

Karl Heggarty, global sales director, said: “Dri-Fresh Crab-Guard solves a problem within vacuum packed crabs, namely that the sharp claws can pierce the film.

“It’s a simple solution, but one which makes a big difference. We can also add extras, such as anti-microbial properties, which gives the pad additional functionality.”

Other popular absorbent products popular in the seafood industry include Dri-Fresh Supreme pads, which are an ovenable absorbent pad, and our new Earthpads, which are a paper recyclable absorbent pad which can be used for seafood.

Our new eco-friendly salmon board – which are not only recyclable but also cost-effective when compared with the traditional boards – should prove popular.

Our Earthboard Eco boards have been engineered to provide the same performance as the traditional boards, in a format which is easily recycled – but crucially, they are comparable cost wise with the plastic-coated boards commonly used.

And we’ve also developed a range of pearlescent water-based coatings which allow us to supply the boards in the familiar colours of gold, silver and black. It’s also possible to supply boards in any pantone colour, subject to MOQs, as well as custom printed.

Ross Griffin, director of board products, said: “Salmon boards are used in the millions on a weekly basis, and the majority of boards in the market are not recyclable, the plastic coatings on the boards mean they end up in landfill or incinerated.

“A few years ago we introduced a recyclable board, and whilst popular, it was not quite cost effective for some people, and was only available in certain colours.

Earthboard Eco addresses both of those issues. This is a kerbside recyclable board, cost effective when compared with traditional boards, and available in the same colours which have been used in the market for these products for years.”

Sirane also offers ovenable/microwaveable solutions including oven/microwave cooking bags (flat and free-standing), barbecue bags, and oven bags.

Steam-cooking bags are also a popular product in the seafood sector. Bags can be provided in a range of formats, including self-seal, multi-compartment and stand-up, as well as in a range of colours. We can also custom print bags.

Sirane opened a production facility in Grand Prairie, Texas, last year. This is in addition to our UK (3 sites), Czech Republic and Mexico manufacturing sites.

Seafood Expo North America runs from March 12-14. Sirane can be found at booth 174 (Seafood Processing). Email if you want to make an appointment.

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