SHOW: Pouch-filling machine will be demonstrated on our stand at Packaging Innovations

Our pouch-filling machine, the M7

SIRANE’S pouch-filling machine – compatible with our award-winning Earthpouch – will be demonstrated on our stand at the Packaging Innovations show.

Our Earthpouch – a revolutionary plastic-free packaging solution – is selling well – and has been already won two top food industry awards.

One question we’re often asked though is ‘how do we pack it?’ Well the answer is here, in the shape of our new single or dual-head pouch-filling line – the M7.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “It’s a regular question…. do you supply machines? How do we pack it? Well Sirane’s always been a solutions company, and we have one – the M7 pouch-filling line – which can run the Earthpouch.

“It’s a fast, versatile and low-cost option, with lines starting from just £35,000. Single and twin-head machines are available, and they are simple to operate.

“They pack between 15 and 80 bags a minute, and with both manual and auto-fill options, they make a great solution for packaging a whole range of products.

“We’ll have one working on the stand at Packaging Innovations – so if you want to see this great packaging solution for yourself, be sure to visit our stand.

Remote access via a personalised website means you can easily control and trouble-shoot the machines, and up to 50 programmes can be stored.

The machines have a small footprint – covering a maximum of just 2m2.

We’ll also be focusing on our award-winning plastic-free Earthpouch at the show. The Earthpouch is one of 12 finalists for the show’s Innovation Gallery.

Now available in standard, barrier and high-barrier, our Earthpouch is ideal for anyone looking to remove unnecessary plastics from their packaging.

Perfect for a range of dry and moist products – including granolas, porridge oats, grains, health/diet supplements and more, the Earthpouch is a paper-based solution with a heat-sealable coating, which is preformed into a stand-up pouch.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Earthpouch is a plastic-free solution, a paper-based material with a plastic-free coating which is perfect for a range of products. We can supply it with a range of different barriers, to suit your needs.

“We can also supply the same plastic-free material in reel format for anyone looking to flow-wrap – this would be our Earthfilm – and also as Earthbags.

“If you’re serious about moving away from plastics, then this – and many of the other products in our Earth Packaging range – might be exactly what you’re looking for.

“And the pouch-filling machines might just make the switch even easier for you.”

2018 was a big year for the Earthpouch with some major industry recognition– it won a Green Apple Award, presented at the Houses of Parliament, and it also secured first place at the UK Packaging Awards in the Resource Efficient Pack of the Year category. The Earthpouch was also recognised at the Sustainable Food Awards in Amsterdam, where it finished third in the sustainable packaging category.

The M7 will run with all bags and pouches – not just the Earthpouch, which it has been adapted to run. Sirane can also offer a range of other bags and pouches including ovenable, microwaveable, stand-up, retort, quad-seal, 3-side seal, side-gusset, flat pouches and more. We can also offer digitally-printed short-run.

Our stand at Packaging Innovations is L30 – right next to the Eco-Pack Theatre.

For more information, contact Jeremy Haydn-Davies on 01952 230055, email or visit our website which is

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