Single-tube 95 kPa pouch – integrated absorbency can be our colour-changing pad

Single tube 95 kPa bags

A SINGLE-TUBE 95 kPa pouch with integrated absorbency has been added to our Safe-Hold range of UN3373 compliant packaging solutions.

Services offered by Sirane include clinical diagnostic kit assembly & fulfilment service, as well as a product range relevant to the laboratory sector – and in November we launched our new absorbent pad which changes colour when it comes into contact with liquid, Safe-Hold Alert.

And the single-tube 95 kPa pouch can be supplied with Safe-Hold Alert as the integrated absorbency – warning users of any potential problems.

Anish Miah, sales manager for lab services and supplies, said: “These single-tube pouches are ideal for anyone who is transporting just one sample. They are suitable for use with a range of tubes including micro-containers.

“They come with integrated absorbency, and that absorbency can be our Safe-Hold Alert pad which changes colour in contact with liquid.

“This means if there is any failure within the sample/vial itself, the recipient is aware they need to handle with care and can proceed with caution.

“This in itself leads to increased efficiency within the laboratory.”

Sirane is the leading manufacturer of UN3373 packaging, and our team are able to provide expert advice on transporting biological samples, whether it’s by road or air. We have a range of standard off-the-shelf products available, for a fast and cost-effective way of transporting samples.

We’re experts in absorbency, board and in bags/pouches/films and can also supply a range of lab consumables. Not only can we manufacture products in these three areas, but we can combine materials where necessary – and we offer a full NPD service, where you can make use of our expertise.

Sirane is an innovative packaging development-to-manufacture company, with expertise in absorbency, board and flexibles, and material science.

It has four main divisions: medical & healthcare; lab supplies & services; food packaging and horticultural; The company is based in Telford, UK, with additional manufacturing in Guadalajara (Mexico), and Hranice (Czech Republic) with a network of agents/distributors.

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