Sirane expanding its global presence

Sirane’s global presence is growing, as we bid to share our innovative products with the world. During the summer we have expanded our operation into Turkey, Southern Africa and the Middle East. 

Sirane Turkey’s new warehousing and manufacturing facility opens for business any day now. 

The site, which is in Antalya on the Mediterranean coast, will initially house warehousing – with manufacturing and production expected to begin within six months. 

Sirane managing director Simon Balderson said: “Turkey has a large population and a large food industry so it is the perfect location for Sirane.

“It will help Sirane push into Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa and north into Russia. Antalya’s location as a Mediterranean port close to some of the country’s most fertile food production areas is perfect for us.”

The Sirane Turkey operation is being headed up by Taskin Oztas. Contact [email protected] or call +90 530 551 4833.

Sirane Southern Africa is based in Cape Town, and will take Sirane products into the southern part of the continent.

The Southern Africa operation is now open for business – for more information, contact [email protected] or call +27 (0)72 997 4360.

Our Sirane Middle East operation will be headed up by Farzan Mirshamsi. Sirane Middle East will work out of Dubai, with a sales office on the Jebel Ali Free Zone. It will be a co-ordination hub for the Middle East, handling all sales and logistics.

To contact Farzan, email [email protected] or call +971 501 527190.

“Southern Africa and the Middle East represent great opportunities for Sirane,” said managing director Simon Balderson, “Having committed people based in those regions, namely Stacey and Farzan, will enable Sirane to really push into regions where we think there is scope for spectacular growth.”

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