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SIRANE regularly hits the news due to our high level of innovation – here are links to just a few of the stories from recent years.


Game changers in food packaging: Sirane on tackling the plastic waste crisis – PACKAGING INSIGHTS (FEBRUARY 2021) 


Food packaging firm wraps up deal for global oven bags and film business – THE BUSINESS DESK.COM (NOVEMBER 2020) 

Eco-friendly salmon boards could be industry game changer – SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING NEWS (OCTOBER 2020) 

Jobs created in million pound expansion – SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING NEWS (OCTOBER 2020) 

New eco-friendly salmon packaging boards – FISH FOCUS (OCTOBER 2020) 

VIDEO: Sirane: “Game-changing” compostable salmon boards and eco-friendly water-based printing press – PACKAGING INSIGHTS (OCTOBER 2020) 

Eco-friendly salmon boards could be industry game-changer – FIS (FISH INTERNATIONAL SERVICES) (SEPTEMBER 2020) 

Sirane invests in new eco-friendly water-based printing press – NS PACKAGING (SEPTEMBER 2020)

Sirane invests in new sustainable water-based printing press – PACKAGING GATEWAY (SEPTEMBER 2020) 

100 new jobs created in Telford firm’s £1 million expansion – SHROPSHIRE STAR (SEPTEMBER 2020) 

Anti-microbial packaging propels food waste prevention to new heights – PACKAGING INSIGHTS (AUGUST 2020)

Sirane develops plastic-free packaging for salads – PACKAGING EUROPE (JULY 2020)

Sirane innovates plastic-free salad bags for Carrefour – PACKAGING INSIGHTS (JULY 2020)

New plastic-free packging for salads developed – FRESH PLAZA  (JULY 2020)

Sirane launches LDPE-recyclable pouches – for those who do want plastic – PACKAGING INSIGHTS (JUNE 2020)

Avec Sirane, LSDH et Carrefour remplacent le plastique des sachets de salade… par du papier – L’USINE NOUVELLE – FRANCE (JUNE 2020)

Les Crudettes emballent leur salade dans du papier translucide – PROCESS ALIMENTAIRE – FRANCE (JUNE 2020)

La salade passe à la cellulose translucide – EMBALLAGES – FRANCE (JUNE 2020)

New RePEat films offers a recyclable PE packaging solution – PACKAGING EUROPE (JUNE 2020)

Telford packaging firm joins fight against Covid 19 – SHROPSHIRE STAR (APRIL 2020)

Sandwiched sustainability: Sirane unveils plastic-free compostable skillet – PACKAGING INSIGHTS (MARCH 2020)

Sirane: “The perfect sustainability argument” with Earth Packaging for for food – PACKAGING INSIGHTS (FEBRUARY 2020)

Sirane to highlight its Earth Packaging range on BBC’s War on Plastics – BAKERY AND SNACKS.COM (FEBRUARY 2020)

Board-based tree tubes offer sustainable alternative to plastic in the landscape, says supplier – HORTICULTURE WEEK (JANUARY 2020)

Sirane to focus seafood packaging at Bremen Expo – FISH FOCUS (JANUARY 2020)


Can we break our addition to plastic? The future of packaging – FT.COM (OCTOBER 2019)

Empack 2019 reunirá todas las innovaciones de envasado – REVISTA (OCTOBER 2019)

Entrevista a Raquel Carboneras, directora de Empack, Label&Print, Packaging Innovations y Logistics & Distribution – REVISTA (OCTOBER 2019)

PlasticFreeLand debuts in London – FRUITNET.COM (SEPTEMBER 2019)

Sirane to Exhibit Plastic-Free Pouches – FLEXIBLE PACKAGING (AUGUST 2019)

Earthfilm: Meringue maker claims plastic-free confectionary packaging “industry first” – PACKAGING INSIGHTS (JULY 2019)

Compostable packaging: the myths, realities and future possibilities – PACKAGING GATEWAY (JULY 2019)

Shropshire baker claims plastic-free first for confectionery – PACKAGING NEWS (JULY 2019)

Baker beats Mars and Nestle to paper-packaging race – SHROPSHIRE STAR (JULY 2019)

When packaging reflects brand ethos – RACONTEUR (MAY 2019)

Down to earth packaging | Supplier Analysis – compostable and biodegradable – PACKAGING NEWS (MAY 2019)

Sirane Australia launching Earth Packaging – FOOD PROCESSSING.COM (FEBRUARY 2019)

“Plastic-free packaging ticks all the right environmental boxes” – FLORAL DAILY (JANUARY 2019)

Packaging Innovations 2019 | Sirane to focus on Earth Packaging range – PACKAGING NEWS (JANUARY 2019)

Packaging Innovations 2019 | Sustainability and innovation take centre stage – PACKAGING NEWS (NOVEMBER 2018)

Sirane Australia to open in Melbourne in 2019 – FOOD PROCESSING AUSTRALIA (NOVEMBER 2018)

British packaging innovator comes to Australia – PKN (NOVEMBER 2018)

Overseas: Sirane Australia opening in Melbourne as group expansion continues ‘down under’ – 360 PACKAGING (NOVEMBER 2018)

Sirane expanding its Telford headquarters – MIDLANDS BUSINESS NEWS (NOVEMBER 2018)

UK Packaging Awards 2018 | WINNER: Resource Efficient Pack of the Year – PACKAGING NEWS (OCTOBER 2018)

Expanding Telford-based Sirane creating new jobs – SHROPSHIRE STAR (OCTOBER 2018)

Une poche préformée en papier chez Sirane – EMBALLAGES MAGAZINE (AUGUST 2018)

Sirane thermally-insulated bags could be ‘hot’ at Restaurant & Takeaway Expo – PRINTING NEWS (AUGUST 2018)

Educating UK shoppers | Category Focus | Food – PACKAGING NEWS (AUGUST 2018)

Winners of 2018 Sustainable Food Awards – PACKAGING TODAY (JULY 2018)

Overseas growth among reasons for turnover/profit rise at Sirane – PACKAGING NEWS (JUNE 2018)

The ovenable packaging market is heating up – PACKAGING EUROPE (JUNE 2018)

Recyclable and compostable pouches extend shelf-life with Sirane’s new range – FOOD INGREDIENTS 1ST (MAY 2018)

UK: Packaging company Sirane acquires B&G – FRESH FRUIT PORTAL (MAY 2018)

B&G Products Becomes Part of Sirane Group – PACKAGING EUROPE (MAY 2018)

Sirane snaps up B&G Products – PACKAGING NEWS (MAY 2018)

Divide and Conquer to Improve Food Packaging Presentation – PACKAGING EUROPE (APRIL 2018)

Sirane Australia launching Earth Packaging – AUSPACK (MARCH 2018)

Plastic-free Compostable Food Pouch will be on Show at Packaging Innovations – PACKAGING EUROPE (FEBRUARY 2018)

U.K. supermarket aims to eliminate plastic packaging by 2023 – FRESH FRUIT PORTAL (JANUARY 2018)

‘The actions of one UK retailer are insignificant when more than 85% of plastic marine pollution comes from Asia and Africa’ – DAIRY REPORTER (JANUARY 2018)

Telford-based Sirane plots further expansion at home and abroad – SHROPSHIRE STAR (SEPTEMBER 2017)

Sirane East (Vostok) Open for Business in Russia – PACKAGING EUROPE (AUGUST 2017)

Enaris introduces new specimen transportation bags – PACKAGING GATEWAY (JULY 2017)

Enaris Bags Can Take The Pressure – PACKAGING EUROPE (JULY 2017)

Sirane: Shelf-life Extension Hot Topic at Popular Fruit Show – PACKAGING EUROPE (JULY 2017)

Significant Shelf-Life Extention on Cut Fruit Using Life+ – PACKAGING EUROPE (JULY 2017)

Packaging solution extends shelf-life of cut fruit by up to 4 days – FRESH PLAZA (JULY 2017)

Declaring War on Waste – PACKAGING EUROPE (MAY 2017)

Challenging Convention with Ovenable Packaging – PACKAGING EUROPE (MAY 2017)

Sirane’s Oven/BBQ Bag: A versatile solution – PACKAGING EUROPE (MAY 2017)

New name in the medical & healthcare sector – Enaris offers product manufacturing, expertise & development – HOSPITAL TIMES (MARCH 2017)

Two Days Extra Shelf-Life With Sirane – PACKAGING EUROPE (FEBRUARY 2017)

Americas: Sirane opens Mexican plant – FOOD NEWS INTERNATIONAL (FEBRUARY 2017)

Sirane North America opens fruit pad manufacturing facility in Mexico – FRESH PLAZA (FEBRUARY 2017)

Food packaging supplier Sirane Ltd opens facility in Guadalajara – MEXICO NOW (FEBRUARY 2017)

Sirane introduces steam-cook pouches that stand up – FOOD ENGINEERING (OCTOBER 2016)

Sirane launches self-seal steam cooking bags in the US – BAKERY & SNACKS (FEBRUARY 2016)

Sirane’s new absorbent fruit pad technology big hit at Fruit Logistica – FRESH PLAZA (FEBRUARY 2016)

Natural Extracts Added to Absorbent Pads to Extend Life of Delicate Fruits – PACKAGING INSIGHTS (DECEMBER 2015)

Packaging specialist introduces soft fruit shelf-life extender – THE PACKER (DECEMBER 2015)

Innovative oak-smoked roast-in-the-bag pulled pork product wins top award – PACKAGING TODAY (JULY 2015)

Americas: Sirane to exhibit absorbent pads at meat exhibition – FOOD NEWS INTERNATIONAL (JANUARY 2015)

Packaging Innovations 2015 | Sirane’s unique Siralon food packaging – PACKAGING INNOVATIONS (DECEMBER 2014)

Sirane’s sweet smell of success – PKN (SEPTEMBER 2014)

Sirane launches odour-absorbent meat pads – PACKAGING NEWS (SEPTEMBER 2014)

Sirane launches Dri-Fresh Sof-Hold absorbent cushion pads for soft fruit – PACKAGING TODAY (APRIL 2014)

Sirane targets barbecue market with ‘versatile’ Sira-Cook Supreme bag – PACKAGING TODAY (DECEMBER 2013)

Ethylene-absorbing strip slows fruit aging process – FRESH FRUIT PORTAL (NOVEMBER 2013)

Sirane odor-eating food patch – FOOD NAVIGATOR (OCTOBER 2013)

Packaging increases mushroom shelf-life – THE PACKER (JUNE 2013)

UK company significantly increasing the shelf-life of mushrooms – FRESH PLAZA (MAY 2013)

Sirane Ltd: Fruit cushioning pads – PACKWORLD (APRIL 2013)

Sirane Releases New Soft Fruit Packaging – FOOD INGREDIENTS 1ST (FEBRUARY 2013)

EU: “Fresh produce packaging for the world” – FRESH PLAZA  (JANUARY 2013)

Double the shelf-life reported for brassicas – FRESH PLAZA (JULY 2012)

Sirane cooking bag lands packaging honors – PACKAGING DIGEST (JULY 2012)

Asda nominates sirane bag for top award – FOOD PROCESSSING (JUNE 2012)

Cook-in bag seals in flavor – PACKAGING STRATEGIES (JUNE 2012)

New film offers ‘significant’ shelf-life extension – FOOD MANUFACTURE (MAY 2012)

Consumers back Sirane’s absorbent pad – PACKAGING NEWS (MAY 2012)

The Si-Bag – healthy eating meets fast food – FOOD & DRINK BUSINESS EUROPE (MAY 2012)

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