‘Sous vide’ bags added to food packaging range

Sira-Cook PA Sous-Vide cooking bags

SOUS-VIDE cooking bags – included a bag that can subsequently be oven-roasted – have been added to Sirane’s ever-growing range of food packaging solutions.

The company is now offering two types of sous-vide cooking bags – Sira-CookTM Sous-Vide and Sira-CookTM PA Sous-Vide – offering customers a high degree of flexibility.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Cooking sous-vide is increasingly popular, and has a number of benefits for retailers, including shelf-life extension and presentation.

“Sirane’s sous-vide range includes simple bags for vacuum packing and sous-vide cooking as well as bags that can be sous-vide cooked and then oven-roasted in the same bag.

“So whether you’re merely looking for a cost-effective sous-vide cooking bag or something much more advanced that can be cooked sous-vide, shipped, and finished off in an oven without the need to open the pack, Sirane has the solution.”

The Sira-CookTM PA Sous-Vide bag ‘combining sous vide with roasting’ recently earned a food company a top award at the Australian Foodmagazine awards.

Grab and Go Hot Country Roasts by Creative Food Solutions – which is supplied into supermarkets including Woolworths – won the Meat and Smallgoods category.

Jeremy said: “Creative Food Solutions truly managed to take advantage of our Sira-CookTM PA Sous-Vide bag to create a great product which deservedly bagged an award.

“Their cuts of meat are bagged, vacuum sealed and slowly cooked sous-vide style for up to 12 hours. The product is then heated for around hour in store – leaving the customer with a product they simply need to brown in the oven for a short time once they return home before serving up a succulent tasty meal that would have taken hours.”

Creative Food Solutions’ Grab and Go Hot Country Roasts are available in three flavours: Australian Beef, Lamb and Pork – all ethically raised. The boneless roasts are rubbed with a marinade and herbs prior to cooking then pan seared to seal in the juices.

“The result,” said Jeremy, “is a consistently tender and moist roast. This is an ideal product for Sunday lunches, buffets, bistros and functions. The premium roast range can also be finely sliced and served as cold cuts with salads and for gourmet sandwiches.

“It could be used in mass catering just as effectively as single roasts for the family. Another major advantage is that it reduces the need for the product to be handled.

“The material is also absorbent, reducing excess fat and allowing the product to crisp.”

Creative Food Solutions produces a range of sous vide roasts that it supplies on a large scale to ex-servicemen clubs and age care facilities, and has now developed a smaller 1kg roast meat range designed to be sold in conjunction with the currently expanding roast chicken market which supermarkets including Woolworths have developed over the past few years. 

Vac-packing the meat has allowed Creative Food Solutions to offer 28 days shelf-life.

The company worked with Sirane’s Australian agents to combine sous vide, normally reserved for the hospitality industry, with an “ovenable” reheat bag, allowing the meat to be slow cooked and browned for meal time without any mess in an oven.

The product’s cooking bag, made of a nylon structure, is what makes the Grab and Go Hot Country Roasts so innovative, the company told the award organisers. 

“This is the first time we have been able to sous-vide and roast the product in the same bag. This has allowed us to lock in flavour and moisture from paddock to plate,” Creative Food Solutions said in its nomination form for the Foodmagazine awards.

The standard Sira-CookTM Sous-Vide bags are suitable for any length of cooking time – however long – and can be cooked at anything up to 120 degrees celsius.

For more information on Sira-CookTM Sous-Vide or Sira-CookTM PA Sous-Vide , email Jeremy Haydn-Davies at jeremy@sirane.com, or call +44 1952 230055.


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