Specialist Packaging Solutions

SIRANE Speciality Products division offers materials for use in specialised packaging and industrial applications. The company’s core expertise is in absorbency and material science, in manufacturing bags/pouches, and in board-based products. We offer a wide range of absorbent materials, in a wide range of absorbency levels and sizes, with flexibility being a major ethos of the company – we’ll make the product that you actually need, not just what we want to make or sell. We can manufacture bags and pouches in a wide range of formats. We also work with many other materials, including nylon. Our design & process engineering expertise gives us the capability to develop new and better products, and if required manufacture new machinery to produce these products.

  • Specialised in absorbent materials
  • Specialised in bags, pouches & films
  • Specialised in board and board conversion
  • At the forefront of current packaging technology
  • Specialised in material science

The bulk of Sirane are high-level manufacturing operations

  • Accredited to BRC/IoP and ISO9001
  • Multiple processes including lamination, slitting, guillotining, pressing, assembling, sealing, flow-wrapping, bag-making, pouch making, folding, creasing etc etc
  • Flexible operations and lean manufacture
  • First class manufacturing team

Supported by Sirane Engineering Division

  • Internal machine design and build
  • Sophisticated design tools

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