PAPER PACKAGING: Sirane’s Peter Ralten speaking at Specialty Papers workshop

Specialty Papers

SIRANE’s chief commercial officer, Peter Ralten, is one of the speakers at an online workshop being held by Specialty Papers next week.

The workshop takes place on Tuesday, June 21 and Peter will talk about Sirane’s advanced fibre-based flexibles and rigid packaging, processability challenges when switching from plastic to fibre-based packaging and what raw materials are available for use within the packaging sector.

The workshop is billed as “Replacing 3-dimensional plastics… challenges and opportunities for formable papers and moulded paper pulp technologies.”

Peter’s talk will focus on our Earth Packaging technologies – which includes barrier-coated papers and coated boards which are easily recycled.

Peter Ralten said: “Sirane has invested significant time and resources into developing paper-based packaging alternatives, and this will be a great opportunity to share some of the successes we have had.

“Paper can provide an excellent alternative to plastic for many products, and I’ll be able to talk about where it works and where it doesn’t.

“Of course, processability is important, packaging lines are often highly automated, and I’ll be discussing how to get paper to run efficiently.”

Everything in our Earth Packaging range is either compostable or recyclable and is either paper-based, board-based or bio-material-based.

Our range includes our plastic-free recyclable barrier pouches – Earthpouch, and our plastic-free recyclable barrier film for flow-wrap – Earthfilm.

Our award-winning Earthpouches are paper-based stand-up pouches with a barrier coating (which also allows the pouch to seal). They are perfect for nuts and snacks, confectionery, pet treats, coffee, supplements and more, and the pouches can be recycled in the paper-recycling stream.

Within the last year we’ve added plastic-free quad-packs to the range and have also added an ovenable version – Earthpouch Supreme.

From our Earthboard range we offer paper-recyclable salmon boards, which can be used in conjunction with our recyclable RePEat vacuum pouches.

We also offer a range of other recyclable coated boards including cake-boards and cake-collars, salmon boards and ovenable boards.

The workshop is being held ahead of the Speciality Papers Europe Conference in September. Visit for details

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