‘Sticky boneguard’ added to Sirane’s Tuff-Hold range

Sirane has added a new ‘sticky boneguard’ to its popular Tuff-Hold range.

Tuff-Hold sticky boneguard offers strength and elasticity with a tacky surface that clings to the product throughout transportation – assuring maximum shelf-life.

The wax-impregnated cloth combines excellent strength with ease of use.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Sticky boneguard is something we have been asked for often by our customers, so we’re very pleased to be adding it to our range.

“Tuff-Hold sticky boneguard is available in reels, perforated, perforated on the reel or in sheets – so however you want the product supplying, Sirane is able to deliver.”

Boneguard is used for vacuum packing meat and poultry to reduce the number of leaks in the packaging caused by sharp bones, and also in MAP-packed meat as well as in other methods of packaging. Sirane can offer three grades, including a very strong, very high level of puncture resistance which is also highly mouldable.

The sticky boneguard will complement Sirane’s existing Tuff-Hold range which includes high strength & coloured, transparent, absorbent, waxed and metallised products.

For more information, email Jeremy Haydn-Davies at jeremy@sirane.com


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