Suited and booted for top award ceremony

So last Thursday, it was the Supermarket and Fish Awards 2012. At the Hilton, Park Lane, in posh old London town. “What’s that got to do with Sirane?” I hear you ask. Well, an Asda product was nominated for Innovative Packaging of the Year. And that Asda product, Chicken Breast Fillet with SpicedTikka Butter, used a Sirane bag.

Four members of the Sirane team headed down to London suitably suited and booted, a good chance to hob-nob with the cream of the supermarket world if nothing else, but as it happened the journey to the capital was well worth it – as Asda bagged the award. Good news for Asda, and good news for Sirane.

And judging by the state of the “Sirane four” on Friday, the Supermarket and Fish Awards 2012 is a fun night!

Asda had been trialing the dish over certain butchers’ counters – but now intends to roll it out across all UK stores. Additional products will be added to the range.

It’s great to see innovation recognised at such a prestigious award ceremony. The product Asda sells is stunning, but at Sirane we are obviously very proud of our part, the Sira-Cook Self-Seal cooking bag which makes the dish possible. The product is yet another great Sirane innovation…

Lots of companies say they innovate, but at Sirane it is true. If half the seemingly impossible ideas banded around the office ever come true we’ll be doing well. But the point is many of them do become true, due to a number of staff members who don’t understand the word impossible.

So what’s the next innovation? Well there’s a few on the way, more news in a few weeks. But they are going to be good… watch this space.


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