Weather or not to start worrying…

Back in the day – or at least back in my day – summer started around now. Maybe I’m only remembering the good bits, but I’ve memories of a long summer term at school with glorious sunshine, lessons regularly held under the imaginatively-named ‘big tree’, school sports days in the belting heat, and a general desire to be anywhere but the classroom.

So what’s happened? Because as it stands my children’s memories of the summer-term at school will be torrential downpours and having to remember a coat well into June. 

Maybe this year things will improve? Let’s hope so… for the sake of the nation’s fruit-growers if nothing else. They must be tearing their hair out… just when you think barbecue season has finally arrived it suddenly turns cold again, just when you think it can’t possibly rain any more guess what, you look outside and it’s doing just that…

Apparently, or so I heard on Radio 2, there will be a fruity pay-off. All this extra time for the plants to produce sugar before they begin to ripen should – if I understand the report correctly – cause a bumper crop of exceptionally sweet fruit. Eventually. If it does, indeed, ever stay nice enough for that to happen.

The reason I mention all this is because with a shortened season, shelf-life will become all the more important. Our new Dri-Fresh Resolve Soft-Hold pads are perfect for when the berries of Britain finally decide to ripen. Not only do they provide absorbency but they also provide cushioning – all-in-all a great level of protection.



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