Why awards are like buses….

SO why are awards like buses? Well it’s obvious isn’t it, one of the oldest cliches in the cliche-filled book (which is in itself, a cliche?). You wait ages for an award to come along, and then win two pretty much at once….

It’s been a busy few weeks. Firstly, Sirane was down at the UK Packaging Awards in London, where we grabbed a first place in the Resource Efficient Pack of the Year category, and then just a few weeks later it was back to the capital, this time to the Houses of Parliament, where we collected a Green Apple Environment Award – both for our plastic-free packaging solution Earthpouch. 

Earthpouch is a plastic-free stand-up film (also now available as a reel or a bag) which is easy to recycle. And when we say easy, we mean it…. it just goes in with the paper. It’s simplicity was one of the features the judges liked, in both awards. No complicated messages for users to understand, no regional variations on what to do with it. Just recycle it with your paper. Simple.

It’s actually paper anyway, coated with a special coating (can’t say more than that, if I told you, I’d have to kill you, it’s a more closely guarded secret than the KFC chicken recipe). We’ve recently added a barrier version, and a high-barrier version is on it’s way to a shelf near you very soon, so the variety of products which could be packed with the Earthpouch is growing by the day.

It’s not just for food – although we have companies packing products as diverse as granola and seaweed, chocolates and porridge, we also have clients using the pouches for health supplements, protein powders and pet-food. There’s a huge scope to the potential of this plastic-free pouch.

Exciting times, and a huge congratulation to the Sirane team responsible for developing the Earthpouch, the two awards have been very well earned over a lengthy development process.


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