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Anti-slip disposable absorbent floor mats

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Enaris anti-slip absorbent floor mats

Anti-slip absorbent floor mats

OUR anti-slip absorbent floor mats are now available via the NHS Supply Chain.The disposable mats were developed with the safety of staff and the comfort of the user in mind. They help keep floors clean, dry and slip-free in a number of areas within the hospital, including operating theatres, scrub areas and maternity.

The mat is designed to be stood on, without any risk of the mat moving, in areas where fluid is an issue.

Mats are available in five options: standard (small and large), superior and on a 30.5 metre roll (standard and superior).


Anti-slip absorbent floor mats

  • Can be used on both dry floors and already-wet floors
  • Unique one-way valve allows water to be taken up and held
  • Available in cut sheets, reels and bags
  • Reduces the risk of slipping
  • Quickly absorbs fluid
  • Conforms to uneven flooring
  • No super-absorbent powders so mat doesn’t expand or swell
  • Simple disposal by incineration
  • Standard (3-litre, blue) or superior (5-litre, orange) absorbency available
  • Cushioned element to the mat provides an anti-fatigue element
  • Available from the NHS Supply Chain
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