Nylon autoclaving/sterilisation bags & pouches

Nylon autoclave / sterilisation pouches

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Enaris nylon autoclave / sterilisation pouches

nylon autoclave / sterilisation pouches

ENARIS offers a range of Sterilisation Pouches & Bags made from nylon which can be used in chemical, autoclave, dry heat and radiation sterilisation procedures.

Standard sizes available: 125x245, 300x100, 300x150, 460x200, and 460x300. Others available on request.

  • Suitable for chemical, autoclave, dry-heat and radiation sterilisation
  • Strong material, puncture resistant. Highly resistant to abrasion & tearing
  • Come with a double-sided tape for sealing and an easy-tear opening strip for easy opening
  • Can also be supplied with a sterilisation control strip which changes colour when complete
  • Can be manufactured in a range of sizes to suit your requirements
  • Meets FDA regulations in reference to sterilisation
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Medical, Laboratory, Dental, Care-Home, Emergency & Veterinary Products
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  • Cellosene absorbent wadding
  • Safe-Hold absorbent pouches for compliant specimen transportation
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