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Specialist materials and films

MATERIAL science is one of Sirane's area of expertise, and we can manufacture using a wide range of materials and films. These include some more specialist films, such as nylon, as well as more standard materials such as PE, PP, PET, Metallized PET, PA , HDPE, LDPE and many laminates to achieve strong oxygen and moisture barriers.These can be used in conjunction with our absorbent products.

We're able to manufacture a range of custom bags in a wide range of sizes & pouches etc. for a variety of purposes. We also work with aluminium foils, glassine, porous papers and boards (such as dehumidifier and purification boards). We're experienced in working with materials used in elevated temperature operations.

Using our materials, we can offer multiple processes including lamination, slitting, guillotining, pressing, assembling, sealing, flow-wrapping, bag-making, pouch making, folding, creasing etc. and so can make a wide range of products but a variety of sectors - if you think we could help, call us on +44 1952 230055.

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