A RECENT poll suggested the public are happy to pay more for products which are good for the environment – particularly among younger shoppers.

In Germany 60% said they would pay more, while in the UK it was 57%, 58% in the US and 53% in Australia. However, just 27% in Japan said they would pay.

The YouGov poll also showed a difference in attitudes among different age groups – with 69% of people born after 2000 saying they would pay more, whereas the figure was just 53% for people questioned born between 1946 and 1965.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “These findings suggest that there is an appetite for change, even if truly sustainable packaging comes at an increased cost. It also suggests that this issue is not going away, as the younger shoppers are more concerned about the future and are more prepared to effect change.”

The poll showed in the UK that the amount who said they would pay extra was 69% (born 2000 or later); 63% (born 1982-1999); 53% (born 1965-1981) and 53% (born 1946-1965) – suggesting a generational shift in attitudes. The same pattern was evident in the poll in the UK, with 63%, 64%, 56% and 53%.

Simon Balderson added: “If you speak to any young people at schools, or at university, they are very concerned about issues like this. These figures will only go one way, with the issue becoming more and more important.

“And obviously packaging plays a crucial role here, the product itself could be eco-friendly and sustainably produced, but the packaging may put shoppers off – and that’s where companies like Sirane now have a big role to play.”

Sirane’s range of plastic-free packaging solutions includes our paper-based stand-up pouches, Earthpouch, and paper-based flow-wrap film Earthfilm. We also offer both compostable and paper-based absorbent pads, and products such as compostable cling-film compostable shrink-film for fresh produce and bio-films.

In addition, Sirane offers a range of board-based products, including our new and award-winning recyclable sandwich skillet, the Earthwedge. Many of our other board products, including cake boards, patisserie boards, pizza boards, etc, can be offered using eco-friendly coatings which mean the products can be recycled.

We recently added plastic-free salmon boards and VSP boards to our range.

“Paper and board, combined with coatings, can often provide an alternative to plastic,”, added Simon, “and a lot of our work at the moment is developing solutions along these lines, replacing plastics where it is logical to do so.

“However, not all plastics can be removed from the supply chain. It is just not possible, and we know that. We offer products such as PE bags and pouches, including multi-layer laminates, which can still be recycled.

“And our development team is working on new ideas all the time, including both plastic replacement and recyclable plastics, new bio films and more, so it really is a case of watch this space, to see what the next great solution is…”

We also have solutions for the horticultural market – such as our plastic-free Earthboard Tree-Guards, which can be used to protect saplings.

 Award-winning recyclable sandwich packs from Sirane

IT’S BRITISH Sandwich Week – the perfect time to celebrate the humble sandwich, and discover our award-winning plastic-free sandwich pack, Earthwedge…

British Sandwich Week celebrates the sandwich in all its glory as well as the contribution that the sandwich industry makes to the economy. The British Sandwich & Food to Go Association organises the annual week which runs from May 16-22.

Sirane’s recyclable and plastic-free sandwich packaging solution, the Earthwedge, recently scooped a top industry prize in the annual British Sandwich & Food to Go Association’s Sammies Awards – winning the Environmental Award.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “While British Sandwich Week quite rightly focuses on the actual sandwich, we’d like to shift some of the focus onto the packaging.

“Traditional sandwich packs are difficult or impossible to recycle, PE-coated and laminated packs invariably end up in landfill, despite any claims on the packs, and this is a chance to offer the market a genuinely recyclable alternative.

“The Earthwedge recently gained the Environmental Award, and it ticks all the boxes. It is recyclable as part of the paper stream and offers the shelf-life needed. It’s a recyclable sustainable solution to a packaging format which is a real problem.” 

Nationally, the sandwich is still the go-to lunch option for the vast majority of Brits – with 72% of spending at lunchtime going on sandwiches.

Jim Winship, Director of The British Sandwich & Food To Go Association, said: “As lockdown restrictions ease and we all start to get back to normality it’s no surprise the love for everything sandwich is reigning supreme.

"British Sandwich Week celebrates the sandwich in all its glory as well as the contribution that the sandwich industry makes to the economy.

“This year, it has the even greater aim of supporting the industry as it comes back after a year of lockdowns. Sandwiches are a British staple to be enjoyed at any time of the day, and as we can see in these statistics, it’s clear we still love our sandwiches.

“It’s the perfect time to be exploring the wider range of options that the professional sandwich industry has to offer. Sandwich shops, supermarkets, and retailers will have their fridges stacked high with freshly made sandwiches for British Sandwich Week, so look out for your favourite fillings or try something new."

British consumers manage to munch their way through an incredible 11.5 billion sandwiches each year. If you laid each one end to end, they would go around the world about 44 times. Well over 3.6 billion sandwiches are purchased from retail or catering outlets each year and we paid over £8 billion for them.

Sirane has two different types of sandwich packs now on offer – heat-sealable, for use in commercial sandwich packing, and tabbed for use in delis/sandwich shops where the packs are made up and sold the same day.

Rigorous testing has been done on the packs to make sure they offer the shelf-life required for use in commercial operations as well as running on machines.

Our tabbed Earthwedge will soon be added to our Field & Fare site, where customers will be able to buy direct for use in their own sandwich shops etc.

The Earthwedge has been developed using a combination of coated boards and papers. This means that the whole pack can be recycled as part of the paper stream.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Our Earth Packaging range now includes many ways to replace plastics effectively in the supply chain. Many plastics can be replaced, and new materials and technologies are coming on board all the time.

“Earthwedge is a great example of somewhere it is possible to remove the plastic entirely whilst allowing the product to still be functional and fit for purpose. And end of life is important – these packs will be able to go in with the paper recycling.

“We’ve put them through extensive trials, to make sure they offer the necessary ease of use as well as the needed shelf-life. Coated boards are used for a reason – commercially the sandwiches need a certain shelf-life to make the supply chain work – but we can now offer a viable alternative which is environmentally friendly.

“While the stats of how many sandwiches are sold are amazing, it’s also a frightening number of non-recyclable packaging that’s heading for landfill – and so we would love to see some of these packed in our recyclable sandwich packs.”

Sirane is an innovative packaging development-to-manufacture company, with expertise in absorbency and material science. Specialisms include board, bags and pouches, absorbent products, shelf-life extension and dual-ovenable products.

It has four main divisions: food packaging; medical & healthcare; horticultural and industrial. The company is based in Telford, Shropshire, with additional manufacturing in Guadalajara (Mexico) and Moscow (Russia), and we have a network of agents/distributors around the world waiting to help.

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