Absorbent meat pads for a pre-padding application - Dri-Fresh® In-Flex™

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Dri-Fresh® In-Flex™ absorbent pads for meat

Absorbent meat pads for pre-padding

Sirane launched Dri-Fresh® In-Flex™ absorbent meat pads back in 2004 to solve a particular problem found in tray pre-padding applications and it has been a resounding success. Developed using the latest materials and process technology, Dri-Fresh® In-Flex™ is designed to save time and money for food processors' manual or automated padding operations.

Dri-Fresh® In-Flex™ absorbent meat pads are rigid, flat and very easy to separate. Manual insertion of pads is very easy. Automatic insertion from cassette-fed or reel-fed machines is fast and trouble free.

Dri-Fresh® In-Flex™ absorbent meat pads have minimum environmental impact. Made largely from recyclable cellulose with no glue adhesives, they enhance the environmental friendliness of all packaging formats. Up to 90% bio-degradable, pads can be composted with little residue or incinerated with 100% energy recovery.

Absorbent meat pads for pre-padding

  • Rigid, flat and very easy to handle, the complete solution for effective and efficient pre-padding operations
  • Suitable for elevated temperature applications including microwave packages
  • Cut pads available in virtually any size as required
  • Slit Rolls available in six standard widths 70-200mm (other widths available)
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