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    Retail food packaging solutions using steam-cooking bags for the oven/microwave
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    Steam-cooking bags for the oven/microwave are a great way of packaging many foods for sale, including fish, poultry and vegetables
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    Our oven/microwave steam-cooking bags come with many different options
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    FAQs about our oven/microwave steam-cooking bags include what is the maximum temperature I can cook this bag at?
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    Other questions often asked about printed cooking bags include are the inks ovenable?
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    A retail cooking bag programme can be a great way of boosting sales
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    Flavoured butters can be an easy way of adding flavour to your over-the-counter sales
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    We can connect you with a supplier who can offer a wide range of flavoured butters or sauces for use with our oven/microwave steam-cooking bags
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    We can also give the benefit of our experience in how other people have successfully run cooking bag campaigns
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    FPS bags are invidually-packed cooking bags for use in meal kits
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    Our oven/microwave steam-cooking bags can be supplied in a stand-up format
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    Our oven/microwave steam-cooking bags can also have a special vent if required
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    Or why not choose to sell the oven/microwave steam-cooking bags under our Thinking-Cooking brand
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    Other cooking bag solutions include oven/BBQ, sous-vide and roasting bags
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    For more information on our oven/microwave steam-cooking bags, please get in touch

    Oven/microwave bag with special vent - Sira-Vent™

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    Sira-Cook™ Sira-Vent™ oven/microwave bag with special vent

    Sira-Vent oven/microwave cooking bags

    Sira-Cook™ Sira-Vent™ allows food to be heat-sealed in a bag which can be simply ovencooked or microwaved straight from chilled or frozen in the food’s original pack. A central vent opens during cooking, allowing the steam to escape but ensuring all sauces stay within the pack.

    Consumer friendly packaging, where food handling is kept to a minimum, no need to transfer from pack to tray; it’s the uncomplicated way to cook or simply heat-up meat, fish and vegetables. The food can be simply cooked in the pack, enhancing the food’s natural fresh flavour. Quality and convenience in one pack.


    • Direct to oven/microwave from freezer or fridge
    • Available in barrier versions for direct to oven fresh food MAP packaging
    • Suitable for temperatures up to 200ºC
    • Crystalinne polyester material suitable for oven/microwave cooking
    • Many colours available and bespoke sizes to suit
    • Bag is heat-sealed with contents inside, so is odour and leak-proof
    • Vent can be hidden, or become a feature of the packaging
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