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Sira-Flex™ papers and liners (greaseproof, waxed & siliconised)

Greaseproof, waxed and siliconised papers

Sira-Flex™ greaseproof papers are used to carry or wrap meat and other food - the food will not stick to the paper and the paper will not become soggy or weak. The paper is permeable to air and moisture vapour so that the food can breathe and steam and excess moisture can escape.

Greaseproof, waxed and siliconised papers Sira-Flex™ greaseproof papers can be used for carrying mince, as interleavers to separate burgers, chops and other meats, and as baking sheets for pastries, cakes and other foods. Siliconised and non- siliconised papers are available.

They can also be used to wrap and line cheese packages, fast food and many other products. Sira-Flex™ waxed papers are used for bakery, cheese and other foods. All Sira-Flex™ papers are available on the reel, as cut sheets and pads in any size, including discs, and can be packed in bundles - please ask for further information.

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