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Sira-Flex™ Sea-Fresh Fish-Wrap

Sira-Flex Sea-Fresh Fish-Wrap

Sira-Flex™ Sea-Fresh™ Fish Wraps are used to protect large loins, such as tuna, and whole fish during transportation.

The wraps absorb excess moisture whilst allowing the fish to breathe. Crucially, they do not absorb essential fish oils.

Sira-Flex™ Sea-Fresh™ Fish Wraps have great wet strength, so won’t peel away or tear until you are ready to remove them.

The Sira-Flex™ Sea-Fresh™ Fish Wraps are odourless, tasteless and colourless and are a great solution for keeping seafood fresh, enabling it to retain its colour and texture for longer.

Sira-Flex™ Sea-Fresh™ Fish Wraps can be printed/branded.

  • Sheets or reels for wrapping whole fish or loins
  • Protects the fish during transit
  • Absorbs some excess moisture - but crucially not essential fish oils
  • Allows seafood to breathe
  • Can be printed
  • Strong when wet - so will not tear
  • Odourless, tasteless and colourless
  • Fish will retain colour & texture
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