Sirane will be visiting IPM Essen, Europe's largest horticultural trade show

SIRANE will be visiting IPM in Essen, Germany, next week with Europe’s largest fresh produce show offering a great opportunity to meet customers old and new.

IPM Essen is Europe’s largest horticultural trade show, with 1,577 exhibitors from 45 countries exhibiting – and 57,000 people expected though the doors.

Sirane can offer a range of flower and plant packaging solutions including absorbent flower pouches, compostable flower wraps, natural growing mats and compostable plant pots.

Karl Heggarty, Sirane sales manager for horticultural products, said: “Essen will give me a good opportunity to meet some new faces, and introduce ourselves. Sirane has a great horticultural product range, so contact me if you’re interested in meeting up.

“Sirane’s expertise in absorbency and material science has put us in a unique position of being able to manufacture of range of products perfect for horticultural packaging.

“And don’t forget, Sirane is a packaging development company, so if you’re interested in finding a solution to a particular problem in your supply chain, and you think we might be able to help, this could be a good opportunity to find out more about Sirane.”

Crepe flower wraps and protective rose-stem wraps were recently added to the existing range of water-retaining flower pouches and compostable wraps/films for fresh flowers.

Other products in the range include compostable plant pots, and natural growing mats. Sow-And-Grow Resolve growing mats are designed as a replacement for peat, and can be used for growing cress, mustard and herbs, including those sold as live plants.

IPM takes place in Essen from January 23-26, 2018.

Information on Sirane horticultural products is available at www.thinking-flowers.com

For more information on any Sirane horticultural packaging solution, or to make an appointment to meet in Essen, email karl.heggarty@sirane.com or call 01952 230055.

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