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Microwave crispy bacon pack - Sira-Cook™ Crispy Bacon Pack

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Sira-Cook™ Crispy Bacon Pack

Microwave crispy bacon pack

Sira-Cook Crispy Bacon Packs allow bacon to be sold and cooked in a microwaveable pack in which it will crisp up.

An absorbent board within the pack will absorb the hot fat released by the bacon during cooking, allowing for perfect results every time. Cooking times can be adjusted depending on customer preference of how they like their bacon.

Sira-Cook Crispy Bacon Packs can be sold as a complete sealed pack with the bacon, or as a take-home pack for customers to add their own bacon. They could also be used in cafes, commercial kitchens etc. as a means of cooking bacon.


  • Crisps bacon when cooked in a microwave
  • Allows for retail 'microwave' packs
  • Taste and texture of bacon is perfect
  • Also suitable for crisping other meats
  • Absorbs the hot fat released
  • Could be sold as a retail product for customers to add their own bacon
  • Could be used in commercial kitchens
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