ECO: Compostable cling-film now part of our Earth Packaging range


A NEW addition to the Earth Packaging range recently has been Earthcling Resolve – compostable cling film.

Made from a bio-polymer, this is a great eco-friendly solutions for restaurants & takeaways, food service & caterers, commercial packers and home use.

Earthcling Resolve is available in a range of standard sizes, ranging in widths from 290mm to 500mm, and in lengths from 20m up to 1500m. There are also three different microns on offer.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Compostable clingfilm is something we’ve been asked for regularly over the years, with increasing regularity recently, so we’re delighted to be able to offer this product at last. There’s a wide range of sizes on offer, to suit many potential uses.

“For anyone looking at ways that they can make their process more environmentally-friendly, this compostable cling-film is a very good starting point.”

COMMERCIAL SIZES AVAILABLE: 290mm x 250m (10 micron); 440mm x 250m (10 micron); 380mm x 250m (10 micron); 290mm x 250m (16 micron); 290mm x 250m (20 micron); 450mm x 800m (16 micron); 450mm x 1300m (16 micron); 350mm x 1300m (16 micron); 380mm x 1400m (10 micron); 380mm x 1400m (16 micron); 400mm x 1500m (10 micron); 500mm x 1500m (10 micron); 400mm x 1500m (16 micron); 500mm x 1500m (16 micron) and 500mm x 1500m (20 micron)

DOMESTIC SIZES AVAILABLE (FOR HOME USE): 290mm x 20m (10 micron); 290mm x 20m (16 micron) and 440mm x 20m (16 micron)

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