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WELCOME to Sirane.... experts and innovators in food packaging, medical & healthcare, horticulture and specialist packaging. 

Sirane's food packaging division is specialised in absorbency and absorbent materials including pads, oven-ready packaging and microwave-ready cooking materials, shelf-life extension, nylon and much more.

Products made by our food packaging division include absorbent meat pads and absorbent fruit pads, steam-cooking bags and BBQ bags, a range of boards, nylon roasting bags, ovenable dividers, boneguard and more - that really is just a snapshot. We have a range of packaging solutions for many areas of the food industry, including meat, poultry, fruit, seafood, ready meals, food-to-go, convenience food and more.

Sirane also offers a wide range of bags and pouches into the food industry (and beyond), including stand-up, retort, ovenable, flat & side gusset pouches, thermally-insulated bags and much more. Our bags and pouches offering also includes our award-winning Earthpouch, a revolutionary plastic-free packaging solution.

The Earthpouch forms part of our Earth Packaging range, a recent addition to our site. Earth Packaging contains packaging solutions which are either compostable, sustainable or recyclable, and is aimed at anyone who wants to boost their environmentally-friendly credentials - why not take a look around? 

And we recently acquired a manufacturer of board products - meaning we can supply cake boards, salmon boards, U cards etc. This includes specialist boards, such as compostable/recyclable boards. We can also combine our boards with other technologies such as absorbency.

We are a UK manufacturer based in Telford, Shropshire, with a network of agents and distributors covering much of the globe, and we can ship anywhere in the world. We also manufacture products for medical & healthcare, horticultural, and industrial uses - please follow the links to the relevant section for more information. 

Our medical & healthcare division - which trades as Enaris - offers products including absorbent products, such as anti-slip floor mats and bench protection, as well as pouches and films including 95 kPa pressure bags, ADR bags and more, particularly products used in compliant specimen transportation.

We also have an online store where some of our more standard products - including cooking bags, thermally-insulated bags, compostable plant pots, flower pouches, some medical & healthcare products and our Thinking-Cooking retail range can be bought now, from stock - click here to visit our new store.

Sirane also has sales teams based in Australia (Melbourne), Mexico (Guadalajara), Poland (Wroclaw), Russia (Moscow) & South Africa (Cape Town).

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  • SEPT 29-OCT 1, 2020
  • STAND E21
Plastic Free World (US)

Plastic Free World (US)

  • OCTOBER 27-28, 2020
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Plastic Free World

Plastic Free World

  • NOVEMBER 9-10, 2020
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Packaging Innovations

  • DECEMBER 8-9, 2020
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